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Ignore Them Silly Little Girls

If girls want to stop the perpetuation of calling girls sluts for dressing/behaving a certain way then they should stop perpetuating it. We are all fucked up and strong men try to help her get home/be her friend/date them. Weak men sense that weakness and try to fuck them. Either way we care or don’t but girls call them whores or sluts for their mistakes. There are men who want to love you, who do love you, and all of those want to fuck you. No reason to have your head down. Keep it up for your self worth still has value. Keep it up for the bad men who just want to use or abuse you. Keep it up for the men who truly love you or want to love you. Never let the weak girls see you down just so they have something to step up on. Make mistakes, learn from them, correct them if you can, but never let someone hold you to their standards.

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