Greatness may never be achieved but I will forever try greatly

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Bad Romance

Life and Death,
They’re best of friends
Even more than that,
I’ve seen them hold hands,
But they have the worst romance,
Life’s a bitch,
But only because Death is her man,
Death treats Life so bad,
Death takes everything Life had ever grabbed,
All the good Life has, Death will take back,
Still their relationship is never over,
As we all get older,
To keep up with Life,
While Death waits around the corner

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Good morning, I rise with the sun to my back,
Following my every move,
Taunting me while lighting my path,
I turn numb to the heat,
My body burns more from the weight I carry,
Sharp and intense stiffening my neck,
Deep burns in my shoulders,
Shooting down my spine shifting my steps out of alignment,
At times I feel so weak the wind could knock me down,
Still would love a cooling breeze as the sweat beads down my face,
I taste my salt and tight is my stomach,
I’m almost there, so close yet so far away,
People give words of encouragement and reasonable suggestions,
As I increase my weight staying on pace,
While they can’t wait, urging me to run,
I turn deaf to everything but my heart and steps forward,
My weight becomes apart of me,
I’m afraid without it I don’t know how,
I’ll keep my feet on the ground, so I put my feet in the ground,
Critics I drown out, I construct myself with words given to me,
Pushing forward I show my work, finding comfort in the struggle,
But will not identify myself with it,
Concentrating on the distance with no frame of reference,
Some willing my success with doubters unsure,
Not even knowing my destination or the basics of my nature,
Slow but steady, time is our biggest adversary,
Can’t rush though, to people I’m calm, seemingly biding time,
But no one is more eager or has a stronger desire to succeed,
Disregarding the weight and the wait,
Over any fortune and fame, I walk only to engrave my purpose and name

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My Daisy

Who could miss and not pick a daisy in a field of roses?
It’s the only one,
I’ll take what no one has,
Rather than what everyone wants,
La Vie En Rose but she shines like the sun,
Yellow, boastful and beautiful,
I like my daisies, my wallflowers, my sunflowers and dandelions,
Because what some call weeds I find more beautiful,
Than any rose could possibly be

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