Greatness may never be achieved but I will forever try greatly

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I Want You

My heart ceases
My muscles spasm
Blood rushes through my body
Quicker than my heart can pump
My thoughts race of the ways I see you and want and have to have you
And every inch of me craves every inch of you
My hair raises and every pore opens to gather all the air I’m not able to breathe when you’re in front of me
With muscles contracting I feel my body get weak and fall limp
Just from exhaustion of my heart aching
And my mind shuts off from the exasperated thoughts of you
Collapsing never weak but more like a sprinter before a race
It’s the calm before
Prime with anticipation
Everything slows and falls silent
Waiting for you fire the gun
So I can start running
All over you like you have been inside of me


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